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Blog posts related to Dell Technologies solutions for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform


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Red Hat Kubernetes Ready Stack OpenShift

New release brings storage enhancements to Dell EMC Ready Stack for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Scott Powers Steve Wanless

Wed, 15 Apr 2020 17:13:03 -0000


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New release brings storage enhancements to Dell EMC Ready Stack for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

For more than 20 years, Red Hat and Dell Technologies have worked together to assist customers looking to implement enterprise-grade IT infrastructure with open-source-based software in their organizations. As technology has evolved over the years, the Red Hat and Dell Technologies partnership has grown to accommodate change. Now, in 2020, customers who build their own enterprise container infrastructure using Red Hat’s market-leading OpenShift Container Platform software can use design and deployment guidance from Dell Technologies to do so on Dell EMC infrastructure, including a combination of servers, network switches, and storage arrays.

New in OpenShift 4.3

Published for the 2020 Red Hat Summit, the Dell EMC Ready Stack for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.3 documentation provides the latest design and configuration guidance for a bare-metal deployment of Red Hat OpenShift 4.3 on the latest Dell technology, powered by Intel. Customers implementing container applications that require access to stateful data can connect those applications to persistent volumes that are hosted on Dell EMC iSCSI-based Unity storage devices. This configuration enables a containerized application to execute on any worker node in the OpenShift cluster and still have identical access to the data volumes, giving the IT organization a large degree of flexibility and resiliency across the cluster in the event of a node failure.

The Ready Stack design guide describes how to select and configure the underlying hardware to best implement the software, as well as offering sizing and scalability advice. Separate sections covering networking and storage provide guidance to inform the process of designing a cluster that can accommodate current and anticipated workloads.  A cluster that has been designed and configured with appropriate capacity by selection of key components can facilitate deployment and de-risk the implementation process, shortening the time required to get the cluster ready for production use.

The companion deployment guide shows how to validate the final system for correct operation and includes fault-finding information. This validation of the project helps to deliver a high degree of confidence that the container environment will operate well.  

OpenShift in action

In addition to optimized infrastructure guidance for OpenShift, Dell Technologies is building a library of white papers describing the use of enterprise and cloud-native workloads on OpenShift for the benefit of customers looking to host these selected workloads. The most recent example is an implementation of Data Analytics with Apache Spark on OpenShift.   Spark is an analytics engine for large-scale Big Data processing and Machine Learning (ML) across a cluster. In containerized form, Spark is an ideal workload for the Kubernetes implementation inside Red Hat OpenShift.

In the Dell EMC Ready Solution for Data Analytics - Spark on Kubernetes, we have designed a complete end-to-end use case and detailed the hardware and software infrastructure on which to implement the use case. The combination of Spark analytics and Red Hat OpenShift on Dell EMC hardware is a true cloud-native, enterprise-level application.

More information

To explore all the design guides and deployment guides, plus white papers, blogs, and more, visit the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform section of the Dell Technologies Info Hub. There is much to be discovered on the Info Hub!

Learn about more our joint solutions at the Red Hat Dell EMC partner page.  

In lieu of exhibiting at Red Hat Summit, where we had some amazing things planned, we will be presenting several breakout sessions at the Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience on April 28-29, including a session about the design of this OpenShift solution.  Please check the Virtual Summit web page for the latest details as they are published.  

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Red Hat machine learning OpenShift Container Platform Kubeflow

Kubeflow + OpenShift Container Platform + Dell EMC Hardware: A Complete Machine Learning Stack

Scott Powers

Tue, 31 Mar 2020 14:29:32 -0000


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This blog, published on the Red Hat OpenShift website, provides guidance for how Kubeflow, an open source machine learning and deep learning (ML/DL) toolkit for Kubernetes, runs on OpenShift.

It references two papers published on the Info Hub:

Link to Red Hat blog:

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Red Hat Kubernetes OpenShift

How Dell EMC and Red Hat work together on joint solutions

Steve Wanless Scott Powers

Tue, 31 Mar 2020 13:11:11 -0000


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This blog, published on the Red Hat corporate website, was written for Red Hat Summit 2019.  It discusses how Dell EMC and Red Hat work together on joint solutions, including the Dell EMC Ready Architecture for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.  

Link to Red Hat blog:

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