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Unity PowerMax Ready Stack PowerStore

Ready Stack -- How Come?

Robert Percy

Tue, 30 Jun 2020 20:42:33 -0000


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Ready Stack -- How Come?

For new people who come on board here at Dell Technologies, the learning curve can be steep. We provide hardware and software infrastructure solutions of all shapes and sizes to meet customer demands. The product portfolio is deep and wide.

As technologically minded consumers in this era, when confronted by a seemingly overwhelming number of choices, we often rightfully ask the subject matter expert: "What would you recommend?"

This is exactly the question that the Ready Stack program seeks to answer for our customers who are looking for powerful and reliable converged infrastructure solutions. Not a "product" as such, Ready Stack provides documents that describe reference architectures that we feel work well together. We write and post these documents on the Dell Technologies Info Hub on a regular basis. Many of these reference architectures provide detailed deployment instructions, in the form of a deployment guide; all reference architectures include a detailed design guide.

The entire collection is complemented by a Reference Architecture Guide that lists the Dell EMC compute, storage, and network portfolios that we draw upon when we put together a design. The entire portfolio is composed of Dell Technologies products, backed by single call support.

Simply put, Ready Stack enables you to build your own converged infrastructure solution using your choice of Dell EMC best-in-class technology components. Each reference architecture provides a flexible combination of compute (such as MX7000 blade servers or rack servers), storage (such as PowerStore, PowerMax, or Unity XT), and networking (including S Series ToR switches and Z Series core switches). In the end, it is the customer who decides which combinations of these assets best meet their requirements.

Our Ready Stack docs sometimes offer early glimpses into the latest products that are available from Dell Technologies.  So we encourage you to check back on the Ready Stack library from time to time to take advantage of an ever widening selection of compute, network, storage, and data protection options!

For more information about Ready Stack and the options it provides, check out these resources:

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Robert Percy
Principal Engineer, Technical Marketing

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