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Take Your Workload to the Edge

Manya Rastogi Manya Rastogi

Tue, 15 Aug 2023 21:29:02 -0000


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Dell Technologies has a dedicated, and growing portfolio of purpose-built edge servers uniquely designed to handle the multitude of workloads you might deploy on the edge while providing enough flexibility and scalability to grow with you in your edge journey.

This interactive guide showcases the latest generation of XR servers; their form, function, and features; and how they can power workloads at the edge.

When we built our XR servers, we knew we wanted to be just as effective. We solicited hundreds of customers across dozens of industries for feedback on what features are needed in an edge server and found several repeating asks. Asks you’re likely looking for (or should be looking for) in your edge hardware:

  • Simplicity in serviceability
  • Form factors that work for restricted spaces
  • No-compromise compute
  • GPU support for artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML)
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Reliability

We’ve taken great care to ensure the XR portfolio meets these tenets, designed from the bottom up to meet or exceed demand. And these are complimented by the litany of other PowerEdge benefits: iDRAC management system, Dell global and secure supply chain, built-in zero-trust architecture, and leading power/cooling capabilities.

Introducing the next-gen PowerEdge XR server portfolio

PowerEdge XR4000 — Scalability and flexibility with HCI capabilities

PowerEdge XR5610 — All-purpose compute in1U form factor

PowerEdge XR7620 — AI/ML for the edge

PowerEdge XR8000 — Flexible, innovative, sled-based, RAN-optimized server

Given the variety of XR server options available today, you can target your computing solution more directly to your needs. But how do you know which server is right for those needs?

Your choice may depend on feature specs or environmental attributes that are important to your workload(s). Or, you may have specific applications and performance requirements that you’re looking to achieve. This e-book helps you explore both, which helps distinguish between these four servers, so you can identify what’s right for you.

Read eBook here: Take Your Workload to the Edge | ebook | Dell Technologies Info Hub 

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