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Direct from Development - Tech Notes

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PowerScale for Safety and Security

Mordekhay Shushan Brian St.Onge Mordekhay Shushan Brian St.Onge

Fri, 29 Sep 2023 22:24:17 -0000


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Advanced Safety and Security Validation Labs

At the heart of the Dell Technologies computer vision offerings is our global validation and testing labs, where reference architectures and design guides are built, implemented, and calibrated to design concepts, all in a scalable and controlled loading environment. 

Validating computer vision solutions for hardware and software performance within the customer environment can be complex and time consuming. Dell Technologies Safety and Security Validation Labs are outfitted with leading technology from all major safety and security vendors, allowing us to validate best-of-breed computer vision applications with the entire Dell Technologies edge-to-cloud portfolio. 

These proven lab validations with key partners accompany extensive documentation to simplify deployment and reduce the risk of data loss for our customers.

PowerScale is designed with your mission-critical video, safety, security, and business needs in mind.

Figure 1.  Dell PowerScale offers unmatched storage performance for demanding workloads such as AI


Start small and seamlessly grow large as needs expand by simply adding nodes to the cluster. This makes additional volume available in minutes, with no disruption to business. A single volume can support hundreds to thousands of cameras.


With N+X architecture and six nines availability, you will always have access to recorded video. The system will continue recording, maintaining access to your data at all times.


Supporting S3 protocols, PowerScale integrates seamlessly with your hybrid and multicloud environment and reduces the cyber-attack surface without the need of third party bridges or data moving services.


Security data is often sensitive in nature, raising privacy concerns. With ransomware defender available, you can ensure that your data is safe and secure from these attacks with a strategy to isolate, detect, and recover rapidly from a cyber incident.  Designed with a cyber recovery vault, petabytes of data can be recovered within the hour limiting the impact of the cyber incident on your business.

Artificial Intelligence

Traditional security solutions will store your data in silos or “luns”. This adds a layer of complexity for data scientists while applying AI models to data sets. With PowerScale you have one single volume or target for your data. This dramatically simplifies applying data science to your data and speeds up time to market for your AI projects.

Modern Technology infrastructure for safety and security

The vital importance of security data in business operations is driving demand for modern architecture that can effectively store, protect, and manage. In addition, the combination of on-premises and off-premises cloud, known as hybrid cloud, has evolved into an essential requirement of modern architecture. Leveraging Dell PowerScale's multi-protocol support, your storage system becomes ready for multicloud environments. As businesses continue to incorporate AI solutions to optimize outcomes, consolidating data archives into a single volume expedites the introduction of AI projects to the market.

The #1 provider of enterprise storage[1] now offers an as-a-Service portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources designed for OpEx treatment and 99.9999%[2] availability[3]. Simply choose the service levels that your workloads require and pay for what you use. Deploy on-premises in your data center or Dell-managed interconnected colocation facilities, enabling you to connect to the customers, partners, and ecosystems that deliver the most value.

Cloud Storage Services for unstructured data

Dell Technologies provides a wide range of choices for private, multicloud, and native cloud storage services for unstructured data.

  • Enterprise-class performance, scale, and cyber resiliency for your most demanding workloads
  • Flexibility to adjust your multicloud strategy as business and workload needs shift
  • Enhanced productivity to simplify multicloud management so your team can spend more time on mission critical tasks

[1] IDC WW Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, 2022 Q4 historical release, March 9, 2023. Ranking by vendor revenue.

[2] OpEx treatment is subject to customer internal accounting review and policies.

[3] Based on hardware availability on common underlying block and file platform configurations. Actual hardware availability may vary.

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